Q: What is cashyourcar.com.au?

Cashyourcar.com.au, is a Brisbane based car-buying service that is dedicated to helping you sell your car in easy way. We are providing the best way to people sell their unwanted cars by offering a quick quote and cash on the spot.

Q: How does cashyourcar.com.au work?

We buy any used vehicle in any condition . That includes luxury cars, carvans, sports cars, work trucks and SUVs. Cashyourcar provides quick quotes on filling a simple online form.

Q: Is there any hidden charges involved in the offer?

No hidden charges. We pay you what we agreed upon – no obligation charges involved in our quotation.

Q: shall I expect the same day removal from my location?

Most probably. However, we cannot promise you because sometimes it is really hard to meet all the inquiries on the same day. However, we do our best to fulfil all the vital requests.

Q: What all documents I need to carry when visiting ?

Ducuments required for selling your car to us or online you need to provide Australian Licence, Photo ID. Your photo ID card must provide us your full name, current address and your photo on it.

Q: Do I need to sort my vehicle’s paperwork myself?

No. We can sort this out for you as a part of the deal – no further charges would be involved.

Q: am happy to accept your offer, what’s next?

Sounds good – give us a call at 0403 522 042 or fill the form on website. We should be able to give you the earliest appointment depends on the pre schedules. Please mention if you are visiting us or want us to come to you and sort out the deal. However, in any case, you will get paid on the spot.


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